Capell & Associates


Dan Capell has over thirty years of direct marketing experience and is considered to be one of the circulation industry's leading experts on list evaluation, customer acquisition, and retention. He is a founder of CircTrack, the publishing industry's most respected independent tracking study of circulation performance and is the Editor of Capell's Circulation Report, the leading newsletter of magazine marketing.

Dan began his direct marketing career at Time, Inc. in 1967 with Life Magazine, then rising to become Circulation Director for Sports Illustrated. In 1973, Capell moved to Ziff Davis Publishing as a senior executive responsible for the marketing activities of twelve special interest consumer magazines. He also served as General Manager of Ziff's Business and Trade Division, supervising marketing, manufacturing and advertising sales for thirteen properties in the travel, aviation and meetings/conventions markets.

Dan next became Vice President of Circulation for Newsweek, responsible for a $50 million annual marketing program. There he also functioned as Vice President of Venture Development. In 1980, Capell successfully tested and launched Inside Sports, as the founding publisher of the only new magazine ever launched by Newsweek, Inc.

In 1985 Dan was hired as President of The Lake Group, a leading list consulting company, specializing in list management services to publishing, book continuity, fund-raising and financial marketing. Among Dan's clients were Book-of-the-Month Club, Dow Jones and American Express. From 1993-1997, Capell was Founder and Managing Director of Gruppo, Levey and Capell, an investment banking firm specializing in the direct marketing industry.

In 1996, Dan was inducted into the Direct Marketing Association's Circulation Hall of Fame

Capell is a graduate of Bucknell University and is a frequent lecturer on direct marketing at New York University, Columbia University, Stanford University and at many industry conferences and seminars.